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Anal Expert Susan's

high gloss black lacquered coffin

with 3 lids, is on sale for

795 USD (DKK 5.265).

The buyer must arrange for pickup from her 1st floor apartment in
 Slagelse, Denmark.

Because of a long time illness, I am no longer active as Anal Expert Susan, so I want to sell my coffin, that has followed me for many years.

I got it made ​​partly inspired by the Gor series, and as a professional, I have used it for a long time bondage, often with a very kinky twist.

It is made ​​by a professional carpenter.

I want to sell it so others can enjoy the opportunities it provides.

It has these measurements:
Height 60  cm, length 76,75 in (195 cm), width top/head/feat 19,7 in (50 cm), shoulder width 29,5 in (75 cm), lid height 21,25 in (54 cm).

The red leather-covered foam mattress can both lie on the top and the inside bottom of the coffin.

There are two ventilation holes on the sides in the main head area.

There are wheels under it, making it easy to move.

It has 2 lid covering from shoulder to feet, and actually 3 interchangeable lids over his head, one without any holes, one with a large circular hole, and one made ​​of high-gloss black.

It is painted with a matte black paint on the inside, and it would improve a lot if the interior was decorated with leather, pool plastic or artificial leather.

Before I decided to sell it, I thought to decorate it and buy custom-carved glass shelves, and use it to exhibitions while it is standing on the foot.

There are a few very small scratches in the paint, but the coffin is otherwise very well maintained, and there is no moisture damage.

 There are some who for years knew me as BizarSM with my own private website, and I was like Anal Expert Susan known especially for anal fist fucking done with bananas and hard restrictive long kinky Bondage Bed & Breakfast accommodation in this coffin.


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